Five essential factors in a quality web host -

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Building a successful online presence requires a quality web hosting services.


Regular backup

Although many web hosts are PCI compliant and among other security standards compliant, this does not excuse you from taking additional precaution of ensuring your business information is secure. One way to ensure continued availability is by backing up your website information in a secured manner. Find out if your proposed web host provides regular backup of your site information for added peace of mind. Many web hosts today offer automated nightly backups of customer information to give them alternative for restore in case the unexpected happens.

You cannot afford to sleep because cyber attackers are not sleeping yet. Many people who dosed off have woken up to meet their entire site under attack without the option for restoration because of lack of up to date backup. Even when they guarantee back up from their end, it does not exclude you from doing a local backup on your server as an additional security measure.

Enough bandwidth for your traffic

Your efforts at attracting traffic to your site will be frustrated if you do not have enough bandwidth to support such traffic. Many sites have collapsed under its own weight because of lack of bandwidth to take the excess traffic coming into the site. Does your hosting company have what it takes to support you in this?

It may be wise to start with the basic plan, but be sure your hosting service can support you with bigger bandwidth if your site should explode with traffic and you need to upgrade to higher hosting plan. For instance, Shopify can provide you with an easy to use hosting service with multiple features. It does not come easy moving from host to host because you need to consider the down time while you need to move and the impact on the traffic that you may have to battle with the problem of trust for your continued availability.

How many websites can you host under your plan?

As an emerging online business, the sky is your limit with the number of sites you will need as you continue to grow. For marketing purposes, you may need to create sales funnels to compliment your marketing strategy which will require putting up another website. Every marketing effort will need a website, a sales page, and many more websites, the problem most time is not all web host can support you in this need. You want to find out if your proposed web hosting service has provision to accommodate your need

Do they offer a trial plan?

The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Unless you have tried a web host, you cannot say for sure if all the promises and guarantees are not hyped to lure you to buy. But a hosting service with trial offer means they can support you. Otherwise, you will discover their shortcomings and not go ahead with the planned hosting.

If there is no trial offer, you want to look for one that offers it. You can get a 30-day money back offer so you can ask for your money back if you are displeased with the service they provide within the trial period.



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